Remember these 10 tips when painting house exterior.

painting house exterior

Painting house exterior would boost the curb appeal of your house as well as make it more valuable. In addition, to add value, it will also protect your home from harmful elements such as rain, wind, mildew, and mold. A good paint job done to your house exterior will not only make it look nice and adorable but will also enhance its resale value. From choosing the right paint to giving your entire house a new look, let’s debunk some essential tips that make exterior painting a breeze.

10 Tips For Painting House Exterior

There are many more things you need to keep in mind while planning on painting a house exterior, however, this article covers only 10.

  1. Pick the right season

Choosing the right time of the year for painting the house exterior is the key to a successful painting job. Do your research regarding your area’s weather conditions and choose the dry time of the year. Moisture and rain could be the worst enemy for the painting job. Such unsuitable climatic conditions will not allow the paint to adhere to the surface as it will not dry out.

  • Focus on quality

To make your paint stay protected and durable in the long run, you must choose the best quality of paint instead of looking for low-priced paint with poor quality. There are plenty of options available in the market at many affordable rates. But don’t forget to prefer quality overpricing.

  • Preparation of the surface

You have to prepare the surface of the home exterior by cleaning any dirt, mildew, chalky residue, and grime as paint doesn’t adhere to the rough surfaces. You can do hand-scrubbing or use a power spray.

  • Color selection

Choosing the right color for painting house exterior is crucial. You can choose among the wide range of colors before getting your heart set on a particular one. Remember, vibrant colors fade more early than muted or basic ones. Consider a color that complements the look of your entire house and gives it a curb appeal.

  • Use of primer

For a perfect finishing of paint, it’s a great idea to use a primer, sand, and then apply the coat of colors as per your desire. A fine surface created by the use of quality primer will make the paint adhere to the surface smoothly and last longer.

  • Combing different cans of paint

For the uniform application of color to the home exterior, it’s a wiser idea to mix multiple cans of the same color.

  • Start from the top

Small steps matter the most. Start to paint from the top and work your way to the downside later. Also before moving to paint the broader surfaces, paint from the bottom edge of the siding first. Don’t forget to take your ladder safety and don’t try to reach too far than your limit. Take it slow.

  • Landscape preparation

Don’t forget to cover the bushes, plants, ground, furniture, or any specific item below your painting area. Protect your items to avoid any loss and for a secure painting job.

  • Brushes and rollers

Both of these can make your work much easier, so don’t neglect any of these. A roller is useful for wider and large surfaces, and brushes can be used for narrower surfaces.

  1. Seal the can properly

Don’t forget to seal the can containers at the end of your day as it may cause the paints to dry out. To ensure a tight seal, you can make use of a rubber mallet or plastic wrap.

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