Finding a GIB Supplier in Auckland

Plasterboard GIB Supplier in Auckland

A quicker, cheaper, and more sustainable alternative to traditional plasters, it’s no surprise GIB plasterboards are rapidly becoming popular.

GIB boards have a gypsum core along with cardboard and are usually used for interior walls and ceilings.

After a smooth finish, GIB boards look gorgeous in any kind of residential or commercial facility.

So the fact that you’re searching for a Plasterboard / GIB Supplier in Auckland doesn’t come off as a shock to us. Since it’s a new yet popular invention, you will find quite a bunch of suppliers available around you.

How do you know which one is the best for you? Read this article to find out.

What kind of GIB do you need?

Before we get started, let’s clear this up. Finding a GiB supplier in Auckland isn’t a terribly difficult job.

That is unless you have an idea of what kind of GiB you need. That’s right; there are different types of GiB boards used for different purposes.

This is needed if you are DIYer otherwise your GIB supplier and contractor will take care of this for you.

When you’re looking for a supplier, this is the first question you will encounter. Once you know the answer to that, finding one will become easy.

That’s why to make things easier for you, here are all the types of GiBs available in the market

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  • GIB Wideline: This type of GIB will give your floors a smoother surface appearance. It also has the least number of joins. That is why the GIB Wideline is best when it’s used horizontally.

  • GIB Fyreline: Is your building or area prone to fire or fire accidents? Then GIB Fyreline is the ideal type of GIB for you. It will help to keep your belongings and property as safe as possible in the event of a fire.

  • GIB Aqua: As the name suggests, GIB Aqua is for surfaces that frequently come in contact with water. Since floors and ceilings that are frequently wet can create a lot of problems, this type of GIB will be very useful for those areas. It will protect those surfaces.

  • GIB Noiseline: If you’re looking for GIB for your office room or for a place where you don’t want any external noise interruption, then this is for you. This particular plasterboard will reduce all the external noises, if not diminish them entirely. Thus it will give you a comparatively quieter space. Moreover, if you want to reduce the transmission of noise between different floors of the same building, this is also a highly preferable option.

  • GIB Touchline: Do you live in a building that is directly prone to hard and heavy blows or impact? It can be because of tidal bores or some other cause. In that case, GIB Touchline will offer you and the residential building a great amount of protection. By reducing the intensity of the heavy blows it encounters, the surfaces will be protected from excessive damage.

  • GIB Toughline+Aqua: If you’re looking for a multipurpose GIB that blends many traits in one, this is for you. Maybe the building or house is prone to heavy blows and frequently comes in contact with water and creates a fire risk. In that case, this GIB combines GIB Toughline and GIB Aqua traits to give you the privilege of dealing with both together.

  • GIB Superline: Even better than the last one will be a GIB that has all the traits combined 5-in-1. That’s what GIB Superline is for. It is noise-resistant, water-resistant, fire-resistant, and impact-resistant all at once. This is the best for places where there is a chance of all of these problems occurring. Since it’s very expensive, it’s not recommended you buy it for the whole house.

  • GIB Ultraline: This GIB will give you the most superior finish ever. It is incorporated with advanced Pearlcoat coated technology with a smoother and finer texture than any other ones in the list. This is best for places like the living room where there will be guests because it looks pleasant.

  • GIB X-ray: This is the most advanced GIB to exist on the market today. GIB X-ray can protect you from the harmful transmission of X-rays. This type of GIB is best used in medical facilities, dental clinics, or veterinary clinics.

  • GIB Weatherline: To get a cost-effective, high-performance, rigid air barrier, this GIB is the best choice. GIB Weatherline features a water and mould resistant fibreglass reinforced gypsum core. It will provide excellent water, mould, and fire resistance performance.

Now that you know about different types of GIB boards, it’s time for you to decide which one you will need for yourself.

Take the rooms and requirements into consideration when choosing. Once you have chosen, find a GIB Supplier then.

GIB Supplier Auckland
A5 Interior team working at a commercial site.

What makes a GIB Supplier good?

Now that you know what GIB you need, you will go through a list of GIB Suppliers. Which one will you choose? Take these factors into consideration

  • Experience: The rule of thumb, a GIB supplier who have been in the business longer has more experience. You can be assured they will deliver you the best products. However, newer businesses do successfully challenge old ideas. Therefore, considering new businesses can widen your options.

  • Delivery areas: Choosing a local GIB supplier can help save on costs. You may find cheaper deals from outside Auckland however the delivery fees and time usually make it even.

  • Pricing: If you’re someone who is under a budget, then the pricing is definitely an important factor. Don’t settle for anything unreasonable and unaffordable. The price will vary depending on the size and the type of GIB. Speaking to a professional Plasterboard / GIB supplier can certainly help you choose the right type for the right budget.

  • Return policy: The supplier should also have a return policy in place in case the product is faulty or not to your demands. If they don’t, then maybe you need keep searching.

  • Services: When looking for a supplier, it would be more convenient to settle for a company that also offers the installation service. The delivery service is the basic one, of course. But if they also have the option of GIB fixing and stopping, it will make things way easier for you.

Again, these tips are if you are DIYer. The GIB fixers usually supply the GIB plasterboard for you if you are working with one.

At A5 Interior Linings, we aim to make our clients’ lives easier by offering services from the start, from GIB plasterboard supply to painting services. Give us a yell, if you have any questions about GIB Plasterboard Supply.


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